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Report events in your community, enter creative writing contests or submit a cool story or poem you'd like us to consider publishing in an upcoming issue.

Submit your drawings, paintings, ceramics, sculpture, or even your science projects, and we will publish your work in our Off the chART section. If you're out of state, we have The Guest Room section just for you.

If you love to take pictures, be a photo-journalist for The BUBBLAH. Whatever you love to take pictures of, we want to see them.

Kids Cook with Chef Greg in our quarterly recipe section. We want you to try them out, send us pictures of your dish and let us know how you liked the recipe.




Meraki Publicatons, LLC is an industry-leading magazine publisher where children create the majority of our content in The BUBBLAH. We provide guidelines to our readers who wish to participate as well as work with schools and educational organizations throughout New England.  Our staff conduct classes in writing and art at no cost. Fill out our contact form if you're interested in knowing more about our


Denise Flagg is our Chief Editor, which means she's in charge of all the written content in The BUBBLAH. Denise’s love of books and for animals have merged together to create a children’s book series that entertains as it educates. She serves on a volunteer committee for Friends of the Providence Animal Care & Control Center, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. She lives in Southern New England with her husband and their sweet, rescue dog. A percentage of her book sales is donated to help support shelter pets. Denise's books are available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

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Sue Greco is our Assistant Editor, BUBBLAH Embassador and Game Designer. She is also an independent art teacher and has been teaching since 2015.  Sue has taught both young and old. She has published two instructional books, “Kids Best Watercolor Lessons” and “More Watercolor Lessons”.  She has been teaching workshops in libraries, schools, and business functions throughout the Northeast.  In 2019 Sue illustrated three children’s books. “Look Out... It’s a SEAGULL” and “Look Out... It’s a GRIDGIE”, both by Tom Carroll.  As well as “The Tale of Little Miss Holly” by Pauline DiMichele.   

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Donna McCarthy is our Creative Director  and is the author and illustrator of seven children’s books to date. Her books are whimsically illustrated and written in rhyme for infants and young ones learning to read and for kids up to 4th grade. Donna has a BFA in illustration, a Masters of Education and is a veteran art teacher, having taught for over 30 years. Donna illustrates the  illustrations for WORD contests as well as designs the magazine and website.

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